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Yerevan History Museum

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The Yerevan History museum invites you to get acquainted with the history of our old and new Yerevan. The museum was founded in 1931. It is situated in the newly built complex of Yerevan Municipality at the heart of the city. The complex has been dedicated to Yerevan and other former capitals of Armenia. About 90.000 archeological, ethnographic and numismatic exhibits of the museum throw light on the history of the city beginning from ancient times up to date. Besides the main exposition, the museum organizes various temporary expositions. Paying a visit to the Yerevan history museum one can gain access to the depths of antiquity, admire the market-places and streets of old Yerevan as well as get involved in the modern developments of the old city. Address: 1/1 Argishti Str., Yerevan Phone: (+374 10) 568185, 568109 URL: www.yerevan.com E-mail: yhm@armenia.com Working Days: Monday-Saturday Working Hours: 11:00am-5:30pm

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