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G. Sundukyan National Academic Theatre

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Founded in 1922, the Sundukyan National Academic Theatre is the oldest modern theatre in Armenia. The statues of G. Sundukyan, the founder of the Armenian school of realistic drama and his literary character Pepo greet patrons as they enter the theatre. Legendary actors and actresses such as V. Ajemyan, V. Potpomogov, V. Papazyan, H. Ghaplanyan, H. Nersisyan, Hasmik, A. Avetisyan, and A.Voskanyan have all graced the stage with their presence. Today, the theatre performs national as well as foreign works, such as: Sundukyan’s “The testament", Mouratsan’s “Rouzan", Shant’s “Ancient gods", Sargisyan’s “The unnecessary man", Zeytountsyan’s “All rise! Court’s in session!", Nikolai’s “Return to Sorrento", Camus’s “Caligula", Chekhov’s “The cherry garden", Williams’s “Streetcar named Desire", O’Neil’s “Love under the elms", Haroutiounyan’s “Mr. Shmo and others", Khodikyan’s “A woman After the rain", Sharoyan’s “Our share of joy". Address: 6 G. Lusavorich Str., Yerevan Phone: (+374 10) 527670, 521852, 589622

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