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National Library of Armenia

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Book heritage of the Armenian people is stored in the libraries of the country, the largest of which is the National Library of Armenia. It was founded in 1832 based on the library of Yerevan gymnasium. From 1925 until 1990 the library was called by the name of Alexander Myasnikyan, who had a big role in the creation and development of the library. But in 1990 the library was renamed "the National Library of Armenia. " The Fund of Library in 01,01,2009 had been more than 6.6 million literary items. These are books, magazines, atlases, maps, pictures, microfilms, etc. Address: Yerevan, Teryan st. 72 Tel: (+374-10) -584259 Fax: (+374-10) -529711 URL: http://www.nla.am Working Days: Monday-Sunday (half day) Working hours: 09:00-20:00

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