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Angehakot is located in 17 km north of the city of Syunik (Sisian region). Angehakot is a famous old village. Two of the seven churches still remain in this "open-air museum”. Near the village there is a medieval cemetery with khachkars, as well as many stone monuments. Also there is a sanctuary after St. Vartan. They say that here is buried the body of Vardan Mamikonian. Angehakot is famous for lots of important historical events: it was an important center for Meliks, that ruled at that time; in 1699 Israel Ori organized a meeting with Syunik Meliks here. The village had a significant role in defensive battles of 1918-19, and 1920-21. In 2005-2006, Armenian and foreign archaeologists have found many valuable things, history of which goes back to the 6-4 millennium BC!

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