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Parz lich

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Lake Parz is located in a thick forest, a bit north of Dilijan Town, Tavush Region. Taking the road E from Dilijan, one reaches in 6.7 km the turn-off right (sign-posted in Armenian) for Parz Lich ("Clear Lake") =40= (40 45.18n x 044 57.71e). Cross the bridge over the Aghstev, bearing W, then take the left fork, which winds through about 8 km of forest to end at a modest green lake, banks slightly muddy (beware ringworm) but excellent for a picnic and forest hikes in a quiet, non-typical setting.

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From : Robert, 18 April 2012, 17:52
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vonc karox em texekanal aveli manramasnoren Parz Lji masin :??

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vonc hnaravor e qashel nkarner@?

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