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The fortress of Meghri is a medieval Armenian architectural monument. It is situated on the tops of the mountain surrounding the town and holds the town as horseshoe from the north. The fortress of Meghri was first mentioned in 1083. It was completely reconstructed in the 18th c. With its architectural composition Meghri fortress is a unique example of Armenian fortification technique. The fortress has not walls. The inclined sides of the mountain chain replace the high walls. 6 firm towers are built of fallow granite stones on the tops of the mountain chain. 4 of them are round and the other two are rectangle. The bases of the round towers are perimeters with 5.5 m external diameter. The walls of the towers are narrowed from outside to the up keeping the building firm and durable. Oak wood joists are used along the all towers to protect the fortress from the earthquake. The towers were two-storied. The chess- and ray-shaped weapon emplacements of the towers are all around the fortress. In the late Medieval when firearms were used it was possible to bombard the town’s important points from the towers of the fortress. The southern part of the town was protected by the river Meghri and tower-shaped houses near the river, which had a role of unique barriers.

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bardzr pahem, misht qo anun@ bardzr pahem. im anun@ Hayastan e, yes em Hayastan@, ba bolros ayl Hayastan enq menq. Hayer jan, xndrum em, te dzesanic aveli axachum em miacreq irar het, sireq, hargek, enduneq, ev amenic amena karevor@ paheq mimyanc. ch'krrveq, ch'zzveq, ch'ateq irar, ch'pordzeq qandel irar. ev eli misht maqur paheceq mer Hayreniq@. paheq ev hargeq mer hoxer@, mer hin pat'mutyun@, mer paper u tater@, mer iskakan mushaguyt@. menq enq mer sarer@, menq enq mer hoxer@, mer anun@ Hayastan e .ev verj I dedicate these 2 special videos to my homeland and to all REAL Hays in and outside of Hayastan-ARcax-Javaxaq. we are one ppl, one nation, one race. we can return home and take back what birthrightfully belongs to us. our homeland is ours, we can live there, make a new and better place for all us real Hays who want to see our homeland grow, develop, succeed and prosper foreverari tun Hayer jan, qele veradarnanq, mnacats@ yes gitemand one for our Hay Gusan ARAAAAAAAAMI miss him so much and I wish he was alive today so he can sing this song at the celebrations. ARam jan, du misht mer sirterum es, menq qez yerbeq chenq morranum. du mer qefin dzaynn es, jaaaaaan mer ARam, Hayer@ parum en eli, ay im Hayerun cavner@ tanem. arden lac's yekav :*)

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That's a serwhd answer to a tricky question

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