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Marzpetuni castle

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Tapi Berd fortress or Gevorg Marzpetuni fortress representing a great architectural and fortress building value is situated 6 km. north-west from Urtsadzor village, on the right bank of Khosrov river, on the north-western edge of the site of ancient Urts town, on the hills, and is surrounded with the walls having rectangular composition, the four corners of which are strengthened by towers having circular composition. There are inhabited and economic vaulted constructions adjacent to the southern and eastern walls built in 10th-13th centuries. Inside the walls there is a 13th century church which is a vaulted hall building built of white petrosilex. The Tap place name is mentioned in the epigraphic inscriptions of 1256 on the northern walls of the church. A gravestone of 12th-13th centuries with schematic image of a human is located in the composition of the church and the gravestone of Tatevos of 15th-16th centuries is under the northern wall. There are several fragments of khachkars also in the territory of the fortress. The Tapi church is mentioned in history as a script centre from 1496. Barsegh writer scripted a psalm-book at this church. Tapi fortress and the church were reconstructed in 2008-2009.

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