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Century of Foundation: X. Region: Lori. In the western settlement of Lori-Berd near Stepanavan, Armenia, surrounded with wonderful mountain landscapes the ruins of one of feudal Armenia's capitals - Lori-Berd can be found. David Anhoghin of Kyurikid's branch of Ani's Bagratid dynasty- founded Lori-Berd as an inaccessible fortress town in the Gugark region of northern Armenia in 989-1048, and moved the Tashir-Dzoragetian kingdom capital here from Samshvilde. The investigations of extensive remains in the territory of the town showed that the choice of the place for foundation and the dislocation of its compound parts were made like the capital of the Bagratid's kingdom- Ani. The town stretched on a mountain plateau of almost triangle shape, bordered by deep ravines of the Miskhan and Dzoraget rivers. On this naturally inaccessible cape the town- shahastan and the uptown was situated, the suburbs were situated on mountain plateaus of Amrakits and Kendagegh, seperated from the town by the above mentioned ravines.

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