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Aghitu Memorial

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Founding Century: VII Region: Lori Location: Aghudi Village Aghudi Memorial was built in 7th century typical of monuments of the early Christian era - free-standing columns with crosses and underground sepulchres, some of the most well-known of which can be seen in Odzun and Aghudi. The monument in Aghudi likewise consists of two pylons and a richly adorned octahedral column arrangement. One component, a three-arch structure, was destroyed by the 1931 earthquake.

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From : Daniel R. Kablack, 05 December 2012, 05:51
"Discovered" this memorial while taking a back road to Sissian to get propane for lady in Noravan. The road was little used and littered with rocks, max speed was 6 mph. Later, returned with propane, stopped again, and a little boy about 7 ran up. He wanted to practice his English and say hello. There is no fence and minimal markings at the site. But you could picnic in the arches if you wanted to, and the locals would walk down to greet you! There was a side road lined with veru old stone walls, and above ground yellow NG pipe snaking its way down the road.

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