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Genocide Memorial (Tsitsernakaberd)

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Monument in honor of the victims of the 1915 Genocide of Armenians. On April 24th 1915 Ottoman Turks ordered the elimination of all Armenians living in the empire. The elimination of the Armenians had been planned carefully so that it would not be noticed. Turks thought5 that the major powers of the world would not pay attention to what was happening as they were caught up in a world war. First, Turks were choosing leading male Armenian intellectuals, such as teachers, writers and civil servants. These individuals would be eliminated so that the Armenians would have no leadership to guide them. Afterward they were killing them. Thousands of Armenian men were forced to join the Ottoman army. In reality they formed labor battalions. These Armenians were worn down by hard labor and hunger and then were forced to dig their own graves at gunpoint before they were shot. Women and children were raped and sold into slavery. Witnesses recalled how Turkish officers would throw babies into flames or would bind groups of Armenians together and pour gasoline over them, and burn them alive. Tens of thousands died from thirst, starvation, exposure and disease, as it was strictly forbidden for anyone to help the Armenians. All in all, 1, 5 million perished in this merciless campaign.

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