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The Akhtala fortress is in Lori district and is constructed on a plateau resembling a peninsula surrounded with deep gorges from three sides. In the 10th century the masons could exactly derive benefit from the nature in order to make the fortress more fortified. The fortress is strengthened with huge ramparts and there are two pyramid-shaped watchtowers rising above from both sides of the main entrance. The monastery of Akhtala comprised of three churches is in the territory of the fortress.

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From : Marat, 12 June 2011, 09:28
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Axtalan uni voch miayn hrashali bnutyun, ayl naev ayn uni chartarapetakan bacarik kotoghner, voronq hiacnum en bazmativ zbosashrjikneri. Axtalan patmakan vayr e, vortegh karogh e amen mi zbosashrjik liarjeq hangstanal ev geghagitakan hachuyq stanal. I zur che, vor Aramyanc@ ir hivand dster hamar Axtalayum e karucel ayd hoyakert dghyak@......

From : Sona, 13 August 2009, 14:12
Axtalan shat gexetsik mi qaxaq e.vor shat shater@ kuzenain motikits tesnel.es hpart em vor kap unem axtalai het.

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