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Dilijan National Park

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Region: Tavoush Dilijan is a charming resort town nestled in the wooded hilly region of the picturesque north of Armenia. Dilijan is blessed with a cool, moist climate, even in summer, and pleasant evergreen forests protected, in principle, by a large nature reserve that wraps around the town and extends along the Getik River. Dilijan, a hamlet in the hills, reminds the unsuspecting visitor of Switzerland, with its similarly characteristic forests and alpine meadows, natural mineral springs and beautiful landscapes. Beech and oak, as well as pine and yew are the object of environmental protection in the area. The National Park is the home to over 1000 species of plants and 107 species of birds, such as Black Kite, Lesser Spotted Eagle, Honey Buzzard, and Eagle Owl.

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From : Timm Nicklasch, 23 March 2011, 12:21
The incredible places cover only 6 percent of the earth. Dilijan city was one of the incredible cities I have seen. Because of the high amount of rainfall, the climate is humid and the area is serounded with life and nature. The city is calm full of peace and silence and its serounded with foresty hills and mountains. My journy took just 2 days to discover that wonderful peace of land on this earth. Taking the advantage I visited the old town and a museum, the Parz Litz where I could try a popular Armenian dish at a restaurant nearby. Overnighting was not a problem dosen of B&B services are available including few hotels. I stayed at Dili Villa B&B at the first night, where I found the services introduced in the internet at their website address www.dilitours.de does not correspond to reality. I found the place in a very bad level of standard to live, so I left the next day to B&B Magnit where I could find an organised, welcomming and cheerful family taking care of my stay, which made me feel at home in a foreign land. The high level of oxygene in the air made me feel in constant action, and constant hunger. I loved trying the Armenian homemade dishes at Magnit B&B. Dilijan was a transit point for me, after my 2 day stay I had to leave to Ijevan, a city very near to Dilijan. I could make it with a public transport. Dilijan trip will be always a special one for me, for being it very exotic and if I would search for a paradise on earth, then it will be Dilijan :)

From : Hilda, 27 January 2011, 09:28
I have been to Dilijan it was wonderful ! Just had one problem with the hotel, named Dili Villa ! Was so dirty with poor service, I wonder how does it operate for tourists ! Got food poisening as well !!! Jesus BUT (( I love Dilijan and would love to be there again ))

From : Alex Schwaar, 03 December 2010, 18:48
I am happy to find this page, the photos reminded me with our trip on summer 2010 to Dilijan. The crisp air and the wonderful colors make you wish the holiday never ended.. There is no other place like Dilijan, colorful, vibrant, incredibly romantic & simply irresistible. My family and I, we stayed in two different hotels, the first was Dili Villa B&B where it was funny to find the place dirty with kind of strange smell, the worst part was the bed bug bites we had, we left same day to Tufenkian Hotel where we could find a nice, warm shelter during our 4 day trip in the small swiss Dilijan. We will never forget that trip and we will come again soon. Best wishes Alex Schwaar

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