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The Khosrov Preserve

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Region: Ararat The Khosrov Preserve is situated in the south-east of Yerevan, at the foot of the Geghama volcanic mountain, in the basins of the Azat and Vedi rivers. For centuries the Khosrov Preserve was enjoyed as a hunting-ground for Armenian nobility. From neighbouring regions and countries, wild game was brought to the preserve and bred to enrich the already abundant variety of local species. In 1958 the Khosrov forest, consisting of 8 separate areas, was officially declared a reserve. Its borders were widened to create a single parcel of land in 1992. The preserve is situated 1400-2250 m above sea-level, and extends over an area of about 30,000 hectares, 9000 of which is forested. The reserve boasts very lush flora, including more than 1800 species of plants, 156 of which are considered to be rare, endangered or disappearing. The fauna of the reserve is likewise thriving. In the reserve, one can find amphibians, 7 types of fish, and over 30 varieties of reptiles such as the Levantine Viper, Montpellier snake, dotted and collared dwarf snakes, the Pleskes racerunner, and various lizards.

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