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Mount Aragats

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Region: Aragatsotn Mount Aragats, at 4090 m, is the tallest and one of the most beautiful mountains in Armenia, the crown jewel of the Aragatsotn Region. Its name comes from Ara + gah which means the crown of the god Ara. The majestic mountain has been adopted as the spiritual symbol for many Armenian writers and painters. Not far below the summit is the fascinating Stone Lake (Kara Lich), the location of a Cosmic Ray Investigation center founded here in 1943. This spot also doubles as the launching point for hikers who wish to scale the heights of the mountain. Petroglyphs attesting to the presence of ancient wells, and thus of sedentary civilization, have been revealed by archaeological efforts in the area of Aragats. The mountain has 4 peaks located in a 270° arc: North (4,090), West (4,080), East (3,916), and South (3,879) peak . The summit is covered with snow all year-round, feeding a stream which flows down to the village of Aragats from between the South and the East summits. As it is expected, the views of the Armenian landscape from the heights of Aragats are breathtaking.

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