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Khndzoresk village

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Region: Syunik Khndzoresk offers the most spectacular view of ancient Armenia, where cave-dwellers resided in the hollows of the scores of majestic mountains, cultivating the valleys below their rocky homes. Khndzoresk can be described as a nearly-vertical multi-storied amphitheatre of stone. Artifacts and archeological findings are testimony of human dwelling in this area from ancient times.

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From : Mangasaryan Sevak, 07 July 2011, 10:58
Ամենալավ ու գեղեցիկ գյուղը աշխարհում

From : Шахназарян Рубик Гришаевич, 04 November 2010, 16:16
Homepage : rub.shah@vail.ru
ашхари аменсирацс техн е ХНДЗОРЕСКЫ.Ес партавор ем сирел, папанел ев мшит говабанел им сирели гюхы.

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