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Century of Foundation: VII Date of Foundation: 660 Region: Aragatsotn Location: Talish village Aruch, a domed- hall design, was built in the late 660s by Grigor Mamikonyan, an Armenian nobleman, as part of his residence (the present-day village of Talish). The church is characterized by a spacious interior, with a pendent-like transition of the dome and copious stone-carving. Fragments of a 17th-century wall painting depicting Jesus Christ Enthroned and the Apostles adorn the main apse. A palace attributed to Grigor Mamikonyan, with a large rectangular central hall, side-chambers and galleries all along its perimeter, was unearthed in south of the Church.

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From : маринэ, 11 March 2010, 08:45
самое лудшое место на земле

From : саша, 26 April 2009, 12:49
Это моё село,моя родина!такое красивое место я запомню навсегда!

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