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Century of Foundation: X Date of Foundation: 976 Region: Lori Location: Haghpat village Haghpat, one of the most resplendent monasteries in Armenian history. It was founded by Saint Nishan at about the same time as the monastery of Sanahin during the 10th century. The principle church of the monastery is built between 976-991, is. The clock-tower was erected in 1210 and is one of the most beautiful examples of its kind from the medieval period in Armenia. The monastery’s bell tower, built in 1245, stands apart from the main ensemble of monuments, and is architecturally noteworthy. The two-storied structure’s first floor is cross shaped, while the second is octangonal and crowned by a cupola resting on a series of elegant columns. The complex was once the home to libraries, scriptoriums, schools and refectories. The monastery is the jewel of the wide, deep valley formed by the Dzoraget river and is framed wonderfully by the idyllic surrounding natural setting.

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