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Century of Foundation: VIII Region: Shirak Location: Artik There is an inscription on the north wall of this 8th century church which says: “By the grace and mercy of our mankind-loving God, I Zakare Mandatorta Amirspasalar of the Armenians and Georgians, son of the great Sargis, made this donation to the famous holy monastery of Haricha, for the benefit of its natural tenants, for the long life of my mast the Queen Tamar and for my safety and that of my brother Ivane and our children Shahnshah and Avag, my parents. I built here a castle and cathedral at great expense and decorated it with plate and sacred objects of every kind. And my village Mokoris, which was near the holy monastery, I offered to the Holy Virgin, with all its lands and mountains and waters. And I gave a mill called Civaghats at Getik, a mill at Glifzor of Ani, and a garden at Tsaghkadzor, a garden at Yerevan and a garden at Talin, and I established the rule that the mass at the main altar always be celebrated in my name. Written in the year 750AD. The image of the brothers Zakare and Ivane is displayed on the East façade of the church. St. Gregory church, abutting the gavit of the main church at an angle, was built as early as the 7th century over a rock-cut tomb and may have been originally a martyr’s shrine. The site became a summer residence of the Catholicos, and displays substantial 19th century monastic architecture. One of the modern buildings houses a small museum.

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