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Arts and Crafts Vernissage

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The French word "le vernissage" has entered the parlance of Yerevan since late 1970s. A largely dormant concrete park during the week, Vernissage blossoms during the weekend days as all kinds of national crafts, including jewelry, carpets, woodwork, ceramics, canvases, paintings, and many other works of art can be found. The spirit of art indeed alive and well, as ancient traditions and culture are reinvented and reborn each week. The Arts and Crafts Vernissage is located in the center of Yerevan at Pavstos Biuzand Blvd in front of the Armeniainformation Visitors Center. The diversity, richness, artistic quality and the fascinating juxtaposition of historic national tradition with contemporary taste are wonderful enticements to shoppers, art-lovers, or those who wish to simply take in the colorful sights.

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